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Pica Grove’s studio offers everything from design & consulting services to creating custom signs, digital print media, foam sculptures & mascots, POP, exhibit & trade show displays, recognition awards and 3-D printing services. Our dedicated team of creative designers will collaborate with you from the design phase through fabrication of the highest quality products sure to enhance your image and impress your customers. Let’s get the process started on a custom sign or sculpture for you!

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Interior, Exterior, Lighted, Printed, Layered & Carved, we offer custom, unique signage that is visually appealing and highly functional. Whether it is for your storefront or interior spaces, we offer custom signage that goes beyond the ordinary and predictable to get you noticed!


Sculptures, mascots, product replicas, dimensionl signs, and props are our specialty!


Looking for a source for 3-D printed scale models for sculptural proofs, rapid prototyping of parts & components for sales aids? We even print custom one – off miniatures choosing from a variety of materials!

Exhibits & Trade Shows & Displays

A photo is worth a thousand words but dimensional elements combined with great booth and exhibit designs will attract customers.


Need a new logo or just to update an old one? How about consulting services for creative design projects or exploration? Our design team will brainstorm ways to bring your ideas to life.


Custom interior decor elements from residential to commercial spaces;  banks, schools, universities, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, offices, conference rooms & more!


Direct to substrate printing on metal, wood, glass, plastics, fabrics, leather & more. Yes, we do white ink, so feel free to choose a dark substrate instead of white!


Need to honor employees, military service, community members or students’ and athlete’s hard work and dedication? Let’s create keepsake recognition awards or plaques. At the workplace, let’s build a a wall of honor, employee, student, or athelete of the month displays to show your appreciation.


Customized exterior, interior, lighted, printed, layered & carved options.

Foam Sculpting

Theming, props, characters, animals, food, product replicas in sizes from small to colossal!

Digital Printing

Direct to substrate printing on a variety of rigid substrates utilizing white ink.

Displays & Exhibits

Static or interactive customized elements for trade shows, exhibits or product displays

3-D Printing

Rapid prototyping for components, sales aids, fine art scale models, video, & decor.

Interior Decor

Residential to commercial, custom decor elements to fit your style.

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Getting Creative with Leftover Scraps

Sculpted Foam Steam Punk Oversized ClockEvery time we cut into a rigid substrate sheet we invariably had left over scrap. Even with intelligent nesting programs, there were always these odd shapes left over. So, as the scrap inventory grew, I began to imagine what I might do with the scrap besides throw perfectly good material in the dumpster. As an art teacher you learn to hoard everything as potential art media and found object art was a lesson I had always enjoyed teaching to my high school students. Now with all of this stuff, I had the perfect opportunity to create something epic! I started to arrange some flat circles and the image of a clock popped up in my mind’s eye. As I glanced over at a box of ribbed tubing and wires, I instantly knew what I wanted to make… a Steam Punk Wall Clock! I eagerly searched through foam scraps and continued to arrange the rough layout. Mental images for the clock faces were starting to appear as I altered some of the shapes to fit my plan.



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Is Adding Dimension to my Sign Worth it?

Blame it on the artist in me or my 34 years of art teaching experience while observing young minds that are easily bored with the ordinary. I feel that signs should command attention and even inspire a desire to touch. Dimensional elements on your sign paired with great fundamental design principles are a sure fire way to get noticed and stay in the mind’s eye of the viewer.

What does it take for an individual sign to catch and hold the viewer’s attention? Adding dimension to your sign immediately adds visual interest. By adding layers of depth, you engage the viewer’s mind as they analyze what they are seeing. Longer viewing time typically leads to increased memory retention. Isn’t that what your striving for? Not just to have a functional sign, but to also be memorable?


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