Using your file or one that we create, we’ll 3-D print your model choosing from a variety of materials and even finish the surface to match your concept if you so desire. Whether your 3-D printing request is a small batch, a one-off, a functional prototype or 100 parts we assure a quality product to meet your expectations.


Our build size is 24″ x 24″, (600 mm x 600 mm), for single part models. Pica Grove also assembles multiple part models. Check out this 8′ wing span eagle with a removable head, chambers in the eyes for LED lights, heat sinks and a cooling fan:

3-D Printed Eagle - Silver Finish

3-D Printed Eagle – Silver Finish


3-D printing is a fantastic way for an artist to check their work or create a sales aid for promoting a proposal. Your potential client can get a feel for the finished product. Having a digital model allows you to easily make modifications prior to final production.

Whatever your 3-D printing applications are, call today for a consultation and quote on your next project. 


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design & Print
  • PLA, ABS, Wood, TPU, Gradient Color, Carbon Fiber & more!
  • Parts & Components
  • Scale Models
  • Sales Aids
  • Miniatures
  • Video & Commercial Props

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