Looking for a display or exhibit that will set you apart? We design and build customized exhibits and displays with optional 3-D elements that are both attractive and sturdy to compliment your static displays. Just another brochure is the last thing they are looking for at a trade show; take it to the the next level by incorporating interactive elements that will keep them entertained and make your exhibit unforgettable!


Photos, text and graphics are examples of static displays. Interesting visual elements that serve as eye candy are a great way to draw in the viewer. Elements that you can touch and manipulate are interactive. Push a button, turn a crank, slide a lever and watch something happen, your viewer is now totally engaged in your exhibit! Check out this example from an award winning exhibit Pica Grove created for the Monroe County Local History Room and Museum:

Tobacco Barn Interactive

Museum Exhibit – Tobacco Barn Interactive


Activate all of your viewer’s senses for an unforgettable experience. Here is another peek at one of the interactive displays from the same exhibit.  The directions at D for Dairy say to place your hand inside to discover where milk comes from…

Museum Exhibit - Monroe County Alphabet Book A - D Pages

Museum Exhibit – Monroe County Alphabet Book A – D Static & Interactive Elements


Use individual experiences or images to personalize the display. The display featured below recognizes employees with 25 or more years of experience with S&S Cycle. Each employee honored has a detail photo of their bike featuring an authentic S&S air cleaner cover adorned with a badge that highlights the employee’s name and years of service. 


 Give us a call and we will brainstorm ways to make your display or exhibit memorable!  

  • Trade Show Booths: Design & Build
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Employee Recognition & Honor Boards
  • POP & Product Displays
  • Interactive Components
  • Touch Screens
  • Sound Effects & Video 





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