Just who is Lady Bavaria? The original 60 ft tall Lady Bavaria presides over Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. The sculpture has a long history of symbolism for the Bavarian culture and is a landmark at the festivities. Even though the Bavarian Lady had been recently scanned in preparation for needed repairs, we were not allowed to use those files, so our Lady Bavaria replica began with a 3-D model created from photographs of the authentic sculpture. Once the 3-D model was complete, foam sections were milled on our CNC router.

 “When our 21′ tall replica isn’t presiding over Oktoberfest USA in La Crosse, WI, she is majestically displayed outside our studio in Sparta, WI.”

After assembly of the top and bottom halves, (the sculpture was divided for easy transport and installation), textural and facial details were hand carved into the raw foam. Hard coating the raw foam created a durable and protective waterproof surface that was expertly painted to mimic the aged bronze patina of the original. The last steps were to cover the sturdy wooden base structure with milled  foam sections, hard coat and add stone surface treatments. Attention to detail and expert craftsmanship are evident in all aspects of the colossal statue.