Big Mac Billboard

Hope your hungry because this Big Mac is actually 14′ wide and 11′ high x 4′ deep, that’s enough burger to feed the whole city of Onalaska, WI where this billboard is located! The smile fry is 15′ long and has a warm amber halo glow behind it. The Big Mac itself began with some serious project research…after photographing and then eating the subject we were primed to begin the project. A 3-D model was built digitally and edited to be sure the exact amount of ingredients were in their correct location prior to milling the sections. From that file, a 3-D printed model was created and painted to color match the original. Next, the scale model was attached to a 3-D printed mock up of the actual billboard as a sales aid. With Courtesy Corporation’s enthusiastic approval we began production.

“Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun.”

Nine separate sections were milled on our CNC router and then reassembled into three layers to accommodate transport and installation. The foam layers were then hard coated to protect them from the environment and pesky birds. Painting the Big Mac with custom colors took a couple of days, but we finished well ahead of our anticipated 8 week build time. The most challenging aspect was installation. Fairway Outdoors, (who created the concept and background image), had to transport each layer and the fry separately to the site in a small rowboat due to the billboard’s location in swampy ground. Each piece was then carefully hoisted up, stacked and secured starting with the bottom layer.