How do you amplify the excitement and anticipation of a new NFL season? Creating over the top player introductions is a fantastic motivator! Pica Grove designed and fabricated these “Crypt” themed props for the Baltimore Ravens.

“Purple smoke rises,  the emotional charged beat of the music builds… As the players are introduced, 30 ft tall flames spurt out below the Ravens majestically perched atop the stone columns. The enthusiastic roar of the fans electrifies the air setting the optimistic mood for the opening kick off… “

The extraordinary props are a culmination of many hours of planning, preparation and teamwork. Once a theme is chosen and designs are approved, our talented team starts digitally modeling each component allowing for the integration of the special effects. That information is sent to our CNC router for carving. After assembly, the foam is hard coated and primed. The final step is finishing the surfaces where our expert painters work their magic, transforming the pieces into carved stone and iridescent black raven feathers.